What's a 360WiSE Events Bundle?

It's Time To Exit the Flintstones and Enter the Jetsons!

The 360WiSE Events Bundle creates the opportunity for the next generation of content creators to control and monetize their Brand, exposure and asset library in-house with a single platform for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Creating the virtual infrastructure every small business needs. This is an all-in-one solution.

What's Included:

360WiSE Mid/Small Business Bundle

360WiSE Mid/Small Business Bundle Target Market

360WiSE Dedicated Brand Webpage

360WiSE 500K Online Content Visability

360WiSE 100k Social Media Support

360WiSE On Site First Page Google Index Top Business Listing

360WiSE Pay-Per View Unlimited Online Events Tickets Unlimited In Person Event Tickets

360WiSE 100% Channel Advertising Revenue. (Excluding 4-Min Network, Block)

360WiSE Video Distribution.ROKU, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire. LG, XBOX

360WiSE On Site Verified Business Listing

360WISE Client Dashboard Analytics, ad and pay-per-view revenue data

360WISE Internet TV Channel

360WiSE "U" Enrollment in Business Education Program, Training and Support

360WiSE Music Distribution Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, TikTok, Amazon, FaceBook, Google Play, SHAZAM, Instagram and more.

360WiSE Bundle $360 per month ($12 Per Day) SIGN-UP & START TODAY