Doctors A & B

Doctors A & B

Through their comprehensive knowledge and passion for health and wellness,known as the top doctors in wellington florida, Dr. Vincent Apicella and Dr. Mariaclara Bago, aka Dr. A & B, have developed a unique model of healthcare delivery; the couple combine the best of traditional and alternative medical strategies by helping patients achieve exceptional outcomes.

This husband and wife duo are both board-certified Family Medicine Osteopathic practitioners, entrepreneurs, and Functional medicine thought leaders who are redefining the current healthcare system through the simple notion that every ailment like bad gut health including diabetes can be preventable and curable. Since opening the doors of Premier Family Health & Wellness in 2004, Dr. Apicella and Dr. Bago have been visionaries and innovators in an ever evolving and challenging healthcare environment.This bold outlook shifts staid medical paradigms by empowering the patients to make lifestyle changes that can drastically alter their health. No longer are they at the mercy of their doctors and providers.

“I wish everyone understood that they don’t need to depend upon insurance, drugs, or the government for better health,” says Dr. A. “We want to show people the difference they can make in their own healthcare by starting with a more holistic healthcare approach first, and then traditional medicine second, or on an as-needed basis.”

-Doctors A & B

Dr. A & B beautifully demonstrate their comprehensive care model in The Blob Blob Fish: A Journey Through Obesity, a documentary that contextualizes their work through the lens of examining the benefits of drastic lifestyle changes on weight loss. In it, three patients, including a teenage boy who is deemed the “blob fish” by his peers, embark on a transformative, inspiring, and heartwarming journey to improve their health, self-esteem and overall quality of life.

The mission of the film is to redefine how health is perceived in this country. With a culture stuck on the easy way out and the path of least resistance, peoples’ mentality has led to trillions of dollars of healthcare spending and very minimal impact on the chronic diseases that have destroyed the health of our nation.

As native Floridians with intriguingly different backgrounds, Dr. B’s parents migrated to the U.S. in their 20s—her father is from the Philippines, and her mother is from Spain, while Dr. A’s Sunshine State lineage dates back to the 1950s. The two met during medical school when they were grouped together in a gross anatomy class. “I like to tell people that we met over a dead body—I love to see their reaction,” Dr. B recalls with a good-natured laugh.

Together, Dr. A & B are passionate about shifting healthcare perceptions and making a difference in the lives of their patients. They look forward to changing the way that America views the standard health care model and hope to bring their comprehensive wellness program to a national scale.